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Quality and affordable Website Design

Welcome to 3D - Dennis Davis Design.

I've been doing web design & internet marketing for 15 years. I've been disappointed with the many designers & marketers who do it only for the money they receive, rather than for the purpose of truly helping others.

There's much more to creating a web site than just putting a few pages together. I've seen many sites that have a few pages, and the design may even be sharp in appearance. However, how effective is it when it reaches no one. It may have many pages, but who sees them?

My desire is to reach out to churches, ministries, and christian businesses, and not only design an effective web site, but also educate my clients as to how to make the site productive. How do we "market" your website? Unless people know about your website, and how to get there, who will see it. I educate my clients on how to advertise (preach) their website.

When you compare the definitions of "advertise" and "preach," you find that they are extremely similar. When you compare their synonyms, you find great similarities there as well. While there are those who may pause at the phrase, "advertise the gospel," preaching the gospel is, in essence, advertising the gospel. Advertise means to make known openly and publicly. Isn't that what we do with the gospel? It's also what needs to be done with websites. I educate my clients in that area.

As you look over this site, you'll see that the pricing isn't the least expensive, and not near the most expensive. Understand that with me, you get MORE than just web design. I give you personal service, and help in understanding what makes your web site "tic."